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Student Assessment/Review
In order to deliver a personalized and individual learning experience, we utilize tools to better recognize the individual needs of each particular student. This is a collaborative process between us and the student/family. This requires that we take the time to analyze the student’s background, desired outcomes, strengths and weaknesses, and other important factors that will impact the college experience.

Campus Resource Mapping
After the information is gathered during the preliminary assessment, we are able to pair an understanding of the student with the specific resources available on their campus. We focus on identifying specific opportunities, important people, and valuable places at the student’s college or university. This allows each student to gain an understanding of how their personal goals align with the resources that they have access to. 

Passion/Purpose Development
For many students, they have not yet identified passions that will guide them and decide how they will spend their time in college. We offer assistance that helps students begin to reflect on the things that are most important to them, and how they can be further developed and explored in college. While this is no overnight process, our passion/purpose inquiry process offers students powerful new ways to think about their own paths.

Return on Investment/Debt Education
By this point, students are aware of themselves and their environments and have begun to map out a confident future. Based on each student’s financial situation, we are able to offer them insight on the college debt crisis and how it applies to them. We then assist them in understanding the importance of maximizing both “immediate” and “gradual” return on investment. This all becomes a part of their individualized plan.

Job Market Skills Education 
As time progresses the skills necessary to succeed in the job market shift. Sometimes these changes are not as obvious and require trial and error. We save our students this trouble by offering insight on the trends and patterns of the time and offering ways that their personal college journey can be intentionally formatted to prepare them with 21st-century job skills. 

College Productivity App Training
We provide students with a personalized set of productivity apps that allow them to better navigate their college workloads, planning, and busy schedules. There is an array of innovative technology that students utilize on college campuses across the globe. We assist students in seeing how their personal characteristics and goals best align with available productivity apps.

Proximity Planning 
Acknowledging that every student has a web of relationships with certain ideas, habits, people, and places are the first step in holistically planning a student’s college experience. Rather these things are positive, negative, or neutral; we aid students with approaches to keeping them in appropriate proximity to their college experience for maximum success.

Self Care/Wellness Strategies 
We understand that navigating college resources can be physically, emotionally, and mentally challenging. Therefore, we assist students in prioritizing overall wellness in their daily routines and campus engagement. We focus on utilizing tools across campus so that students thrive, rather than merely survive at their college or university. 

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