Frequently Asked Questions


  • For many students and families, the college experience can be rough. After battling through the college admissions process, many students and families are often times “burnt-out” and satisfied with the process being done. However, the journey of navigating the college experience does not stop here. By having the assistance of a private transitional support counselor, you can be ensured that you will continue to move through the necessary steps to maximize the student’s college potential. 

  • We recognize that students and families may feel comfortable relying on existing transitional services available on their campus. However, over time we have gathered that many students feel underserved by the resources on their campus. This can be due to understaffing, antiquated practices, and many other factors. We are able to assist students by identifying the issues and developing a path forward.

  • There are hundreds and thousands of educational consultants available for students who will be entering college. Many of these are focused on college admissions. This is great, many students and families need assistance in the area of just getting through the door. However, we are unique in that we specialize in offering services that address the many years that the student will have in their college career and beyond. 

  • While we understand that many students and families may value the availability of a physical location, using the technology of today’s world, we are able to provide quality services remotely. We use a combination of video chat, phone, email, and other tools. We are able to work with our students efficiently regardless of distance. We also are extremely cautious in how we handle any materials or documents that are produced throughout working with the student. 

  • The tools and strategies used in our products and services are appropriate for a wide variety of students. A proactive student who has started high school and is looking forward to college could utilize our planning strategies to map out their future. Alternatively, we also offer products and services that could assist a less motivated college freshman who is trying to determine their path. We focus on universal methods that allow any type of student to successfully navigate college resources. 

  • While the college admissions process is a big step for many. We believe that we must highlight the importance of taking full advantage of college resources. As more and more people attend college every year, students must be prepared to compete at a higher level.  In order to ensure that this happens for our students, we choose to focus our energy in the area of college resource navigation skills and transitional support. 


  • We typically advise students to begin as early as their junior year of high school. Students who practice with the methods that we encourage will see themselves develop differently from their peers and make solid gains all the way through their college years. Although we advise students to get started as early as possible, graduating high school seniors often see themselves as being in the perfect position to utilize our products and services.

  • Yes, we offer services year-round and are able to exercise flexibility around your needs. 

  • We are based in Los Angeles, we can offer in-person consulting services in the area on a limited basis. For workshops, we are able to travel at an extra cost. 

  • No, we are able to work with all types of students! We do not weed out who we can help. We have solutions for all types of students from a variety of different backgrounds and identities. 


  • Due to the fact that we offer unique services in the educational consulting market, we are able to better determine our own prices. Since we believe that students must become high-impact leaders and navigators of college resources; we have decided to price our services at what we consider to be reasonable and accessible. 

  • Yes, we offer an installment plan consisting of two payments for those who purchase the Premium plan. 

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