About Us

Navigate College Now is an educational consulting agency committed to developing diverse students into high impact, organized, urgent thinkers and doers in college settings and beyond.
We specialize in delivering high-quality services to transition students into college smoothly, focusing on navigating college resources and leadership development.
 We believe that students who can productively navigate their college’s environment and culture will be prepared to win when it comes to internships, fellowships, leadership positions, jobs, and other opportunities. 

Our History


We are very proud to reflect on our history. Navigate College Now initially started out as a pilot program for first-year students at an outstanding institution in Los Angeles, California. The program was designed to arm new college students with the necessary information to best utilize the resources available.  Throughout the year, students were introduced to various departments on campus.

Initially, programming was offered with the Office of Community Engagement, Career Center, and even the Center for Digital Liberal Arts and Technology. As a result of the program’s success, it has expanded into a year-long series of programming that includes Mental Health Services and Undergraduate Research.   Navigate College Now developed the strategies and tools used in the pilot program. 

 This makes our history near and dear to our hearts. Because of our unique history, our company’s leaders have been able to handcraft a program and curriculum that is both impactful and innovative.

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Our Leaders

Jacques Lesure, CEO

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Jacques’ sharp knack for college resource navigation granted him  $20,000 in return on investment and opportunities after only his first two years of his undergraduate education. He is currently pursuing his B.A at Occidental College in Los Angeles, CA, where he has designed his own academic major entitled Resistive Education in Theory, Research, and Policy. This major is a blend of educational research methods training, educational theory, and urban policy that encompasses four different academics departments. 

In his first two summers, Jacques has pursued his love for social justice by participating in two paid internships. He has had valuable experiences doing labor organizing with two national organizations, AFSCME and AFL-CIO. These internships have allowed Jacques to participate in various forms of community and political engagement. He has acquired access to various professional networks in his short tenure.



At his institution, Jacques is a student leader in student government where he serves as the Admissions and Financial Aid Liasion. Jacques was invited by the President’s Office to serve on a working group to engage in conversations with faculty and administrators on the topic of shared governance.  

Jacques’ interest in educational justice has led him to pursue a research interest in school accountability measures. At his institution, Jacques has received three research grants to date. These research grants total up to thousands in independent research funding, he is advised by his favorite professors. 

Jacques also has an interest in public speaking. In his freshman year, he presented a TEDx talk entitled “Apathy Factories”. He presents his work at various research conferences. He has also attended conferences surrounding his career interest. 

Prior to launching Navigate College Now, LLC; Jacques worked as a program manager in the Intercultural Community Center at his institution where he piloted a transitional program for first-year students.


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