We develop college thinkers and doers worldwide.

Our Mission

We are an educational consulting agency committed to developing diverse students
into high-impact, organized, urgent thinkers and doers in college settings and beyond. 

Our quality products and services offer college students and their families solutions to maximize return on investment, learn winning habits, and increase overall satisfaction. 

We utilize our very own 5 P's of College Success System.

  • Imagining circumstances

  • Eliminating confusion

  • Mapping out a confident future


    • Understanding your environment 

    • Seeking clarity

    • Valuing a sense of identity

    • Learning strategies

    • Practicing good habits

    • Building accountability

    • Making strides

    • Executing visions

    • Taking on challenges

  • Self reflection

  • Managing relationships

  • Practicing self-care

We offer individual and group consulting services, workshops, webinars, and professional development. 


  • "As a recent high school graduate, I'm certainly looking forward to the next period of my life. I expect my college years to be full of fun times and friendships. The How-To Guide to Maximizing Your College's Resources was a great transition tool for me. It opened my eyes to all of the tools and resources that will be available in college. This guided workbook experience allowed me to better understand the benefits of determining my goals and planning towards them. I am highly satisfied knowing that I have a better sense of my campus and the resources that will be necessary for me to create opportunities!

    Cameron Haywood
    Rising Freshman, UC San Diego
  • "This is an excellent and engaging book that gives practical steps to maximizing college resources. What I love most about this book is that it can be applied to any arena of life. Maximizing resources goes far beyond a college environment. It is a character trait that is highly valuable and beneficial to anyone trying to accomplish a task. This skill can be seen amongst numerous government officials, businessmen and women, and a wide array of leaders in our communities. The fantastic thing about this book is that it offers steps to learning this vital skill in a short, concise, and easy to read manner. The author offers various interactive activities to help you understand the concepts and apply them to your life."

    Ryan Taylor
    College Junior, University of Georgia

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